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Maeklong Train Market

by Yim Yam Volunteer Camila from Colombia   If you are trying to find unusual things to see  while you are in  Bangkok, then we have the best  plan for you. Located in Samut Songkhram Province, just one hour and…

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Why Travelers Need Yoga!

by Yim Yam guest, traveler, and yogini Jacinta Harford After an especially satisfying yoga class at Yim Yam Hostel & Garden on Tuesday, I got to thinking, yoga while traveling really is a great idea. Why? Well, there are the…

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Exploring Bangkok with Tuk Tuk Hop!

Tuk Tuk Hop is a great way to explore Bangkok’s temples! Bangkok is an enormous city and its public transportation systems aren’t the easiest to figure out for travelers. It seems every destination requires a different and sometimes confusing combination…

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Loi Krathong Festival at The Golden Mount

With Loy Krathong festival happening in Bangkok this week, it’s a perfect time to take a trip to one of the city’s best temples!  The Golden Mount, or Wat Saket, is Bangkok’s highest temple, at the top of 344 winding…

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Loi Krathong is here!

Tonight is Loi Krathong, a special Thai festival in which people release floating candle offerings on the canals and lakes as a religious ceremony.  “The candle venerates the Buddha with light, while the krathong’s floating symbolizes letting go of all one’s…