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Why Travelers Need Yoga!

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by Yim Yam guest, traveler, and yogini Jacinta Harford

After an especially satisfying yoga class at Yim Yam Hostel & Garden on Tuesday, I got to thinking, yoga while traveling really is a great idea. Why? Well, there are the obvious benefits. Sitting hunched up on buses, boats and planes gets a traveler’s muscles all tight and uncomfortable. My back aches after a long bus ride or a plane journey with annoying stopovers on hard plastic airport chairs. Yoga can help to stretch out these muscles and to focus your mind on where the tension is, allowing you to release it.

And another thing, it helps you sleep deeper. This is an excellent asset while in a dorm, with the rise and fall of fellow travelers snoring to contend with. And a good sleep means you’ll be less tired and more awake for the sights and sounds of your destination. Yoga encourages you to relax, slow your breath and focus on the present, allowing calm and restoration. This is great for travellers who are hounded with new and sometimes stressful situations every day.

Also, yoga drains your lymphs and boosts immunity which is great when eating an array of delicious food that has almost certainly been prepared in a way your body is not used to. It’s great for posture, which is important when taking a myriad of selfies at your destination. And best of all, it helps you focus. Yoga practice is mindful and trains you to think in the present. And that is an excellent way to enjoy traveling and every luscious thing that comes with it.

Come practice Yim Yam Yoga with us!  Free and open to all every Tuesday evening at 6pm.